NEW!! Lala – Number 1 Party Elite

NEW to EDEN!! LALA  is a statuesque Chinese young woman who is very bubbly, fun, and outgoing. She has a sultry seductive demeanor that will certainly get your heart racing. She caters to all needs and will keep you wanting more and more.

⭐ Indian Cover babe Sarah

💎 Party Elite Girl – Summer


New Luck


Raunchy Rolla


Thank you, as always, for your unwavering support of Eden Club.

Safety First

Coronavirus – Our Safety Measures
Your Health and Safety is our NUMBER ONE Priority.
We would like to alert you to the following Safety Measures being undertaken:

Girls and Reception Staff Members
Eden has put in place precautions to ensure that Eden Girls and staff members
are free of the virus.
Girls or staff members who have been in China are NOT to return for 30 days
after their return to Australia, symptom-free or not.
Any girls or staff members who have symptoms, regardless of their travel
history, are asked to take leave and return only with Medical Clearance.
All girls will undertake regular Medical Checks on a more regular basis than
before (fortnightly where appropriate)
Hand Sanitizers will be supplied at all entrances to each service. We ask that all
girls and staff members use these to sanitize their hands before and after
attending any service.
In addition to ongoing cleaning, the premise along with all equipment or
furniture will be subject to further stringent
sterilization processes.

Given fever is one of the first symptoms to appear, where appropriate, we will
be checking the temperature of ALL entering customers. Clients who exhibit a
high temperature will be subject to further questionnaire and/or asked to leave
the premise immediately.
If you return from travel to China within 30 days, you will be asked to leave the
premise. If you feel unwell you should see your doctor or go to the emergency
department to work out why you are ill, and you should mention your travel to

We want to reassure you that we are taking proactive measures and acting
cautiously in regard to this matter. As a result, our daily roster may be reduced
or it may result in increased waiting time, we do hope that you understand!