Khloe (Vietnamese/French)

the most desirable mix of Vietnamese/French beauty, stunning in every way, very exotic look and a firm D bust. Very generous with her time, erotic massage specialist


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  1. Highmileclub
    Highmileclub says:

    Person’s Name : Chloe

    Establishment : Eden Gardens Massage

    Date of Visit : 30/4/2019

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Level 1, 407 Pacific Highway (rear entrance 6 Alexander Street), Crows Nest, NSW

    Hours of Business : 10am – 1pm – don’t think they work around the clock anymore

    Rates :
    Remedial & NUDE B2B Massage 30 minutes: $90 45 minutes: $110 60 minutes: $130
    Sensual COMPLETE Service (FS) 30 minutes: $90 45 minutes: $130 60 minutes: $150
    Diamond FS (BBBJ, DATY etc) 30 minutes: $130 45 minutes: $170 60 minutes: $200

    Age : late 20s

    Size/shape : D cups with nice suckable nipples, solid without being fat.

    Nationality or Ethnicity : French/Viet

    Services Provided : FS, CBJ DATY

    Value for money/recommend? : Nice lass who is ready to please if you are nice man

    My experience/comments :
    Rocked up and there were 3 girls on the menu – was trying to see Coco again but she was busy – Annie seemed nice and friendly, Nana I think and Chloe. Thought Chloe the French/Viet mix, while not stunning she is very pleasant to look at and thought why not and paid over the cash for the standard hour treatment – she only does standard no BBBJ etc. Chloe is not on the roster – think she is list as Chanel but not sure as the photo isn’t hers although similar in shape I think. BTW don’t think there are that many French/Viet ladies hanging around in the same shop. Anyway been a bastard of a day and in need of a good rinse before getting down to business, so stripped and headed to the showers. After a good rinse I got out of the shower and Chloe had stripped and led me to the bed. She asked if I wanted a relaxing massage to start with and this not my normal mode, but thought it might be good to start with a bit of relaxation before the physical bit started.

    So laid face down on the bed and Chloe started the massage, which was relaxing and not therapeutic in the least which was a nice way to start. The massage continued with the odd breast rub thrown in for good measure when she was on the long strokes. Eventually the massage got down to me legs and she work those for a little while longer before putting on more for the fully on body rub, this felt very nice with those D cups rubbing on my back. While all of this was going on we had a chat about Vietnam, her life and mine, good stress relief – Chloe’s English is great as she has lived in the land of OZ for 20 years. A while longer and it was turnover time, she put a bit of oil on my front and started the rub on my front and slowly moved her way down to my block and tackle. Here she gave that a bit more of rub before she asked me if I wanted her to start the blowjob, said sure. She grabbed a couple of tissues and removed the oil from my old fella before putting a condom on to commence the CBJ. Her technique is good, great depth and eye contact, unrushed as she wants you to enjoy what she is doing, no bloody tissue breaks either. She blew me for a good while before she came up for a kiss and headed back south to continue the work on my old fella – nice. This went on for a while longer before I suggested that we change places and I return the favour, now Chloe doesn’t allow every man to go down on her so not everyone gets this extra in her service. She decides on this when she meets you and how you act.

    We change places and we have a bit of light kissing before I make my way down to her breasts where I give the a gentle suck and play with before heading further south to start a bit of DATY. She has a lovely lazered/shaved pussy which is a delight to devour, Chloe is sensitive so you need to be gentle to start her going and she is pretty vocal when she gets going. I tongue and suck on her pussy with her telling me that she enjoying my sucking and that I am a good man to her. Her pussy is very wet so I am sure she was enjoying herself, as was I. After a good while of DATY she became more vocal and then that subsided, took this that it was time to move onto the main event. I headed back north and gave her another kiss and she grabbed my cock to position it so that I was able to easily slip into her pussy – no lube as she was very wet. I slowly entered her as she said big boy, but she seemed to take me into her pussy no problems. I slowly started to pump away and was kissing her every now and then and sucking on her nipples – totally unrushed and Chloe wasn’t asking me to hurry up and cum to get me out the door. We kept on going with me changing the angle and lifting up her legs over my shoulders. Eventually I thought a change in positions was a good idea and said that she should jump up and go into cowgirl, we cuddled for a bit and then moved into cowgirl. Unfortunately during the cuddle Mr Wiggly had to decided to nod off for a bit and I slowly slipped out of her pussy. Chloe smiled and climbed up and started a great pussy rub which soon woke up the lazy bugger and she mounted me again in cowgirl. She grinded and bounced up and down on me for a good while before she suggested that we change positions again and she said doggy. I told her that instead of doggy that she should lay down and lift her legs up to my shoulders, so she laid down on the massage table and I again slowly entered her. I started to pump away with Chloe moaning and moving about on the table, the table was also moving – should nail the bastards down lol. Anyway continued to pump away and Chloe moaning and encouraging me to keep fucking her. Every now and then I would lean down and give her a kiss – this was to give me a little breather – before continuing on with the pumping. Eventually I was running out of puff – need to get to the gym more and go for more walks you chubby bugger . I suggested that she finish me off by hand, she agreed and we headed back to the bed. She oiled me up and including my body to give me a bit of a body rub before returning to the matter at hand. She has good 2 hand technique working both the head and the balls, my hands had returned to their favourite play ground which was her pussy, which she had made a little slick with a bit of oil – no fingers inside lads. It wasn’t to much longer before I was sprouting great big gobs of goo everywhere, she continued the tug until I was fully spent and then got tissues to clean me up. We still had a little bit of time left on the clock so she recommenced the relaxing massage and we resumed over conversation – she told me a couple of horror stories about some of the bastards she has had to deal with, these are guys who I hope aren’t on this site as they don’t treat these lovely ladies nicely or with respect. The buzzer went off – think it was the buzzer/phone – but she said ignore that and continued the massage and chat before she said it was time for a shower. She joined me in the shower and got rid of the oil etc and gave me a thorough clean before sending me on my way. We had gone way over our allotted time, which I hadn’t realised until I left. I enjoyed myself so much that I left happy and relaxed. Time flies when your having fun.

    Chloe has been in the industry on and off for a couple of years – only new to this shop I think she said it was her second day there. I was her second customer of the day as it had been a little slow. This is definitely a YMMV as I hit it off with Chloe and it showed it the amount of time we went over and the service.


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