late 20s chinese babe with a "super model" body. Absolutely stunning body - love at 1st sight. She loves keeping fit and play sports. Very leggy and lovely smooth skin. One look. your eyes will be glued. Must try!


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  1. Frauenjaeger
    Frauenjaeger says:

    Fifi China – 9/10 Experience

    Shop: Eden407

    Name: Fifi
    Country: China
    Age: 30++ bit older but hot
    Face: 7/10 Cute short hair, sexy small lips
    Body: 8/10 Tall slim sexy. Good scent.
    Boobs: A cup. Look and feel good.
    Pussy: Clean shaven, looks and feels good.

    Kissing: Light kiss, kisses my neck a lot when things get going. Beautiful small cute lips
    BJ: CBJ, good technique. BBBJ optional but I didn’t ask
    DATY/69: Didnt ask.
    Sex – her on lead: Didn’t happen
    Sex – me on lead: 9/10 I only lasted 10 minutes. Her pussy felt really good.

    Character 9/10:
    English skill: 3/10 had to use a bit of google translate, but she knows quite basic English
    Chatty/Shy: chatty, funny. Very outgoing and fun to talk to.
    Exciting/Boring: exciting
    Funny/Serious: funny, jokes a lot. I had heaps of laugh
    Talk sweet/dry: way too sweet. talks sweet and very attentive.
    Feeling girlfriend/mechanical: not mechanical. Felt more wife-y, very relaxing session
    Time rushing/patient: very patient. finished with 5 minutes on the clock, she said there’s still time and offered massage. Most punts usually 5 minutes left they just want to finish. This one didn’t rush. Very nice.

    Overall experience/value for money 9/10
    For cheap $90 punts this is also top 10% of my experience. Will definitely come back, she’s fun and knows how to make me laugh and feel very relaxed.



    Recently had a string of lucky good punts in the past few months, I’ve been a lurker of this forum for years so might as well start a review account and give back to the community. As of my background, I usually punt 3-4 times a week, mostly half hour basic sessions without extra service bells and whistles unless I’m really in the zone and super horny.

    I will mostly only review girls that I feel is on the top 20-30% of my experience (from 10 punts, I’ll only review the top 2 or 3. The rest I’ll review if time permits)

    Take my reviews with a grain of salt, because my preference of “perfect girl” is maybe different than yours. My preferences are slim, petite, tall, cute types:
    -My perfect type is a 160-170cm tall, petite size 6 (size 4 or 8 is okay, size 10++ I never ever book),
    -Thai girl is my favorite (Japanese and Chinese are my second choice, Aussies and Western third choice, other countries I almost never book),
    -with B cup (A or C is okay too. D I don’t like, it is too big for me),
    -with exciting fun attitude and talks sweet (boring/mechanical girls and rude/apathetic girls turns me off and I will never come back to)
    -smells good – mouth body and pussy (My nose is quite sensitive, I’ve punted some girls with certain off-putting smells that totally turned me off and made me can’t cum.. scent plays a big role in my sessions and dictates how hard or soft my dick can get)

    So please do take my reviews with a grain of salt – my perfect girl might not be your perfect girl and vice versa. With that said, hopefully some other punters who share similar tastes will enjoy my reviews. I’ll try to keep most reviews streamlined, physique and overall section I’ll try to keep as objective as possible and service and character section I’ll keep as subjective as possible, with emphasis of which things made me feel good in the session.

    And of course, everything is YMMV.


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