Sexy Coco

One of our very best! Young & bubbly beautiful China doll, mid-25s, perky C cups, very friendly personality abd a great masseuse. Must try.


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  1. Highmileclub
    Highmileclub says:

    Person’s Name : Coco

    Establishment : Eden Gardens Massage

    Date of Visit : 20/03/2019

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Level 1, 407 Pacific Highway (rear entrance 6 Alexander Street), Crows Nest, NSW

    Hours of Business : 24 hour shop

    Rates :
    Remedial & NUDE B2B Massage 30 minutes: $90 45 minutes: $110 60 minutes: $130
    Sensual COMPLETE Service (FS) 30 minutes: $90 45 minutes: $130 60 minutes: $150
    Diamond FS (BBBJ, DATY etc) 30 minutes: $130 45 minutes: $170 60 minutes: $200

    Age : 20s

    Size/shape : Natural A cups with nice suckable nipples, great butt and legs, slightly hairy pussy – pic is her

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : FS, CBJ DATY

    Value for money/recommend? : Good wold see her again

    My experience/comments :
    There has been a bit of a drought for punting with work and other things, but finally found a small window of opportunity to get a short punt in and went here. I was greeted by the young papasan and shown to the first room on the right for the viewing of the girls available, to be honest I can’t remember the others as when Coco step in I went yep she will do nicely – the other lasses all looked good but Coco was my immediate pick. Paid over the cash for 30 minutes and I was shown to the room while Coco went to get her little bag of goodies. She joined me quickly and I went into have a quick wash while she ready the room. Out of the shower and she had stripped and gave me a hand drying, she told me she was from India and then Thailand with a smile – she is a joker and fun to be with but with limited English. We start to kiss a bit before heading to the bed where I sat down on the edge and she sat on me and we continued kissing. My hands had started to wonder over this lovely young body and we stopped kissing and she put her nipples in my mouth – she loves her nipples sucked on she tells me – so I stroke her butt and suck on her nipples, at this point she is FOAMing I think but she says that she likes what I am doing. A few minutes and she tells me to lie down so that she can suck my cock, she grabs condom from her bag and puts it between my legs. A bit of a catbath as she heads down south a kiss and a lick or two on the old fella before she reaches for the condom. Rips it open and puts it on with her mouth as she devours my cock, her technique is pretty good, good depth and eye contact and no tissue breaks. As she is sucking my cock her arse and pussy are within reach so I start to stroke those. She changes her angle to give me better access to her nether regions and continues to suck while looking in the mirror. As it has been a good while between punts I can feel that I am starting to over heat and suggest a bit of DATY, she agrees and we change positions. I start off by kissing and sucking on her nipples and then make my way down to her pussy, which is pretty moist so maybe she has been enjoying the attention. Her pussy is delightful and I start to lick and suck on her gently. She says that I am good suck and that she is enjoying it muchly – her words – she is now making a far amount of noise – still think it is FOAMing – but sounds like she is enjoying the attention. Time is flying in this short time that I have and I know I need to fuck this pretty girl. So I stop and she says you fuck me now and she opens her legs a little wider and grabs my old fella to guide him inside, no lube required as she is very wet.

    We start off in mish and I kiss and suck on her nipples as I slow fuck this beautiful girl, feels good. We continue like this for awhile and the noise from her is getting louder and louder and she pushes me back so that we change positions to what I call cuddling cowgirl. She is now grinding herself on me and I am alternating between kissing and sucking her nipples, this seems to push her buttons and the moaning is getting really loud. We continue and she says you fuck me good you fuck me good and lays back down, I decide a change in positions is required and I stand at the edge of the bed – they are very low beds – she moves across and eagerly grabs my cock to put it back in, I bend over and grab her legs and put them over my shoulders and this lifts her butt off the bed – not sure what this position is called – and enter her. Slowly I enter again and she seems to like this position as she starts to moan again saying I like I like – sounds good for the ego. We continue like this for a while and I know that time is coming to a close and the boys are lining up to get out, she then says something that I do not think I have heard before I am, in heaven I am in heaven – assuming this means that she is coming – and it is not long after that I dump my load into the condom – the I am in heaven thing at the desired result and I joined her in heaven . I lower her gently down on the bed and we have a little cuddle and a kiss before clean up time and a shower.

    Coco is a fun and cute girl would see her again


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